Teachers and Students in China Find a Creative Way to Work Together

   Press Release Bob Barboza, Founder/Director Kids Talk Radio Occupy Mars Learning Adventure 1857 Josie Ave. Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 221-1780 Bob.Barboza@Gmail.com http://www.KidsTalkRadioLA.com For Immediate Release: Thursday, August 28, 2015- Space Science New Flash K-12 Classrooms at The Edge of Space: NASA’s 747 Jumbo Jet Carries SOFIA, the largest flying telescope in the world Star […]

China: Send one rock to the Kids Talk Radio Science Team

Like Mars, Like Earth 09.12.07 Who are NASA’s Earth and Space Science Explorers? The middle school students who track weather to study its effect on bursting tree buds. And the scientist studying black holes in distant galaxies. But also the teacher whose class shares Earth science data with students around the world. And the engineer […]